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A Modern Brand is More than a Logo.

Many people think of a logo —a visual identity— as their brand, and some will even sell logo-redesign services as a “rebrand”. But while a visual identity is important, a brand is so much more than a simple visual. A brand is in fact a sort of an amalgam of what other people say about you. Back in the 1950s or the Mad-Men ’60s, and even into the 1970s, your brand was simply what you told people about yourself. That’s all changed now, and for the most part, you can thank the internet.

Effectively managing your brand takes more than just the visual identity of a fine logo. The visual is the thing that calls to mind all that people think about your brand — both what you tell people and what other people say about you — and even how it makes them feel. The Nike “swoosh” had none of that when it was created. Nike invested heavily into their brand in order for the swoosh to come to represent all that it does. Brand investments include defining your market, sharpening your message, and honing your company’s voice. Its presentation involves advertising, reputation management, and every customer interaction your company has: public or private, online, or off. A brand strategy is a plan for getting people to see you the way you want to present yourself, and to repeat that message.

Modern Branding

That’s where we come in. We’ll help you define your message, sharpen it, and build a visual identity that supports and communicates that message to others.

Logo Creation

Your logo is the foundation for the visual portion of your branding. Many times, it may be the first element that people will notice and remember about your company. Logos tell a story, which needs to match your company’s story, or message. Visual components such as colour palette, typography, and illustrations are all fundamental elements that help make a brand memorable and cultivate a particular association between your logo and your company.

  • Logo Creation
  • Standards Manuals
  • Implementation Variances

Design Services

A strong visual identity goes beyond just your logo. Creating a coordinated image of your company through graphic design plays a fundamental role in the development of effective communication.

We leverage a well-designed visual identity through all the elements of your corporate communication to maintain a consistent look, feel, and message that supports your brand.

  • Brochure Layout
  • Booth Designs
  • Printed Material Design