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search the world for local businesses like modern earth that hosts sites locally within canada

SEO Best Practices for Small Businesses – Part 2

Good content for local searches is subtly different than national searches and it comes down to the intent of the user. People have more access to smart devices in their homes, like their phones with assistants, Amazon Echo, Google Home, and others. These devices pave the way for voice search…

Modern Earth Logo with Supply Spaceship over Earth with Moon in Background

A New Era for Modern Earth

100 Percent Helpdesk Ltd. Completes Acquisition of Modern Earth Inc. WINNIPEG, Manitoba – Locally-based internet hosting company 100 Percent Helpdesk Ltd. has completed its acquisition of website development and hosting company Modern Earth Inc. effective June 1, 2021. 100 Percent Helpdesk Ltd. was founded by Brent and Scott Toderash in…