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Promote Your Non-Profit Organization Online with Grants

Promote Your Non-Profit Organization Online with Grants

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An online strategy that attracts clients and donors, funded up to $10,000 per month

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Not-for-profit organizations often find there are never enough resources for communicating their mission, or adequately publicizing their programs, including fundraising.

One of the best kept secrets on the web is how Google, the preeminent search engine on the web, offers a program to help qualifying organizations share their causes with the world, delivering their message to people when they search for related topics online.

It’s easy to qualify for Google Ad Grants. Your organization must be an eligible nonprofit, have a high-quality website that meets Google’s technical standards, and is able to meet the program’s policies.

You do not pay the ad cost for your online ad campaigns. After you qualify for the program, you have a search advertising budget of up to $10,000 USD per month to use across various ad campaigns.

Think of the ways you can use these free Google Ads to expand your digital footprint:

Raise Awareness for Your Cause

Reach potential supporters when they use Google Search. With Google Ads, your message can be delivered to people when they search keywords relevant to your organization.

Drive More Website Views and Activity

Drive online traffic to your website to explain your organizational mission, for recruiting new volunteers or for fundraising.

Track Your Marketing Efforts

Combine Google Ads with the power of Google Analytics to measure and understand your organization’s online marketing performance.

Reach the People Who Need Your Help

Make sure people searching for your services on Google can find you at the top of the Google page.

At Modern Earth and 100% Webhost, we understand the needs of the non-profit sector. We’re planning a webinar this month to fully describe the Google Ad Grants program, and how to maximize the program’s value to you.

Learn more about Google Ad Grants at or contact us for more information.

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Promote Your Non-Profit Organization Online with Grants

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